Shooting Spot

Our resort used to be a busy shooting spot where a lot of talented artists have worked in various films, and television shows. Currently it is closed but you can still visit the sets styled as houses from different era.

Swimming pool

One of our special attractions is our swimming pool which is a safe and hygienic pool with pumps and fittings from Hayward, America. It is beautifully decorated with a fountain and water spouts and comes with a Jacuzzi. It’s the perfect place to cool off and relax. You can arrange: Poolside Parties, DJ/Musical Programs, Open-air Buffet/Dining/Barbecue


The Conference Center has a Library, Movie Theater and a Kids Zone. In addition, we often arrange various musical programs and movie shows for our guests.

Activities and Games

A resort is incomplete without the activities it offers and we have lots of fun activities to keep you engaged and entertained. We have Boat Riding, Fishing, Badminton, Board Games: Foosball, Pool & Table Tennis