Day Out



We offer 3 packages for day outing. Price of packages varies based on lunch menu. Group size should be minimum 10 adults.

Day Outing Package Includes:
•    Breakfast or Morning Snacks (Set Menu)
•    Lunch (Set Menu)
•    Evening Snacks (Set Menu)
•    Outdoor gaming (Boating, Swimming pool)
•    Entry Fee
•    Open field for day time gaming
•    Room For Refreshment (1 Room for every 10 adults and room will be available from 12 PM)

Package price BDT. 2,700.00 Per head with Chinese lunch menu.
Package price BDT. 2,500.00 Per head with Indian lunch menu.
Package price BDT. 2,200.00 Per head with Bengali lunch menu.

Food Menu:
Breakfast: Parata- 2 pcs, Egg- 1pc, Vegetables, Dal, Hodgepodge, Halua, Alur dam , Tea, Mineral water.
Morning Snacks: * Sandwich – 1pc, * Apple – 1pc,* Banana – 1pc, *Tea, *Mineral Water

Lunch (Chinese Menu): *Thai soup, *Mixed Fried Rice, *Chicken Fry, *Chicken Chilly Onion, *Chinese Vegetables, *Dessert, *Mineral Water.

Lunch (Indian- Menu): *Polao, * Chicken Roast, *Beef / Mutton Rezala, *Fish *Chinese Vegetables, *Mixed Salad, Dessert, *Soft Drink and Mineral Water.

Lunch (Bengali Menu): *Rice,*Vegetables,*Dal, *Vorta (any one), *Fish, *Chicken,*Salad, *Dessert,*Mineral Water

Evening Snacks: Plain cake 2 pcs, French fry, Tea and Mineral water.

**50% discount on package price for child from 3 to 8 years old. Above 8 years will be considered as adult. You can’t cancel program after fixing but you can reschedule date.


Please contact us for booking.