Day Out


We offer 3 packages for day outing. Price of packages varies based on lunch menu. Group size should be minimum 10 adults.


Day Outing Package Includes:

  • Breakfast/ Morning Snacks (Set Menu)
  • Lunch (Set Menu)
  • Evening Snacks (Set Menu)
  • Outdoor gaming (Boating, Swimming pool)
  • Entry Fee
  • Open field for day time gaming
  • Room For Refreshment (1 Room for every 10 adults and room will be available from 12 PM)


  • 2,500.00 (Chinese Menu) per head.
  • 2,200.00 (Indian Menu) per head.
  • 2,000.00 (Bengali Menu) per head.

Food Menu:

  • Breakfast: Parata- 2 pcs, Egg- 1pc, Vegetables, Dal, Hodgepodge, Halua, Alur dam , Tea, Mineral water.


  • Morning Snacks: * Sandwich – 1pc, * Apple – 1pc,* Banana – 1pc, *Tea, *Mineral Water


  • Lunch (Chinese Menu): * Mixed Fried Rice, *Chicken Fry, *Chicken Chilly Onion, *Chinese Vegetables, *Dessert, *Mineral Water.


  • Lunch (Indian- Menu): *Polao, * Chicken Roast, *Beef / Mutton Rezala, *Fish *Chinese Vegetables, *Mixed Salad, Dessert, *Soft Drink and Mineral Water.


  • Lunch (Bengali Menu): *Rice, *Vegetables, *Dal, *Vorta (any one), *Fish, *Chicken,*Salad, *Dessert,*Mineral Water
  • Evening Snacks (Winter Season): * Vapa Pitha (1Pcs), Chitoi Pitha (1 pcs)* *Tea, *Mineral Water(Mum)


  • Evening Snacks: Plain cake 2 pcs, Samosa 2 pcs, Tea and Mineral water.

**50% discount on package price for child from 3 to 8 years old. Above 8 years will be considered as adult.